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The Royal Path Is A Transformational Journey Of 

Personal Growth, Deep Healing & Emotional Liberation.

There is one thing that sabotages our emotional well-being, joy and happiness like nothing else. It destroys our relationships and it impairs our ability to find fulfillment in emotional and sexual intimacy, money and purpose. It is directly responsible for feeling unworthy and ashamed for who we are. 


What we are talking about are the unresolved painful maybe even traumatic experiences from the past that hold us locked up in our emotional prisons. Especially the early absence of secure love that has impacted us in a way that we cannot grasp. 


The problem is we cannot possibly know what we don’t know. Our brain is very smart in keeping us from emotional upheaval that it simply represses and denies what lies dormant in our subconscious. However, repression and denial won’t make these feelings go away, they start having a life of their own, acting-out side-ways, creating havoc and suffering in those areas of your life that aren’t working. What we do know is that something is not working.


Most of us have not been given the tools to process painful experiences in a given moment. Those experiences became memories that were not fully formed remaining stuck as blocked energy in our bodies, resulting in feelings of sadness, loneliness, isolation, numbness, depression or aggression and much more. We are governed by those wounds, at their mercy where our actions become involuntary, where it seems as if we have very little control over our behavior. All of a sudden, we find ourselves lash out on the people we love or we stay in unrequited or abusive relationships or perhaps, we can’t seem to find real love and connection at all. 


We both have been there. 6.5 years into our intimate relationship and after trying nearly everything we could to make it happen, we had to end it because the damage was done. The anger and resentment that has built over time was simply too much.


It wasn’t until we both did the deeper inner healing work that things started to finally shift for the both of us. We found an approach that turned it all around. We had to sacrifice our relationship, but came back together as best friends and business partners. We created The Royal Path with one goal; for you not having to take the long road and go through all the pain and suffering we had to. 


We packed all that we have learned from nearly two decades of dedicated therapy, various healing modalities and personal growth workshops into a unique and highly transformative approach for you to benefit from. The Royal Path creates courageous leaders, Kings & Queens, who take responsibility and embark on the much-needed healing journey to “govern” themselves and their Kingdom – and Queendom. Leaders who create other leaders by walking their talk and inspiring the people around them, demonstrating a strong set of values such as integrity, authenticity, vulnerability, sovereignty and love.


From empirical evidence, we know that as long as we remain stuck, blind and in denial of how we have been hurt in the past, ignoring doing the necessary healing work, we won’t have a fair chance of a truly fulfilling life. The Royal Path is here for you to precisely do that work. Join us for a safe and gentle journey that will lead you back into the deepest places of your heart where you find all the wisdom you need to turn things around and become the King and Queen you truly are. It is all about personal growth, expansion, deep healing and emotional liberation. A journey from defense to essence – the journey of true Kings and Queens.


Let’s take one good look around ourselves, and we will agree that healing today is no longer optional. Humanity is in pain and from our own experiences we are now able to shed light around what it is exactly that has brought us to where we are today. If we want to see our outside world changing for the better and finally experience our life and relationships as the most beautiful representation and boldest statement of our glorious, talented and alive self, we have to start from within. And the time is now.


Join us on a truly liberating journey and see miracles unfolding as you rise like phoenix from the ashes. We cannot wait to get to know you!

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Do You Ever Feel:

That there must be more to life?

That something is inherently missing, and you can’t quite put your finger on it?

That the way you do life does not do justice to how you could actually show up? 

Do you ever feel empty, depressed or lonely?

Maybe you are going through a gut-wrenching heartbreak, are grieving a brutal loss

or you feel that love does simply not exist for you?


That your low self-worth prevents you from having that which your heart truly desires and deserves?

Do you unapologetically honor and leverage the talents you have been given?


That you long for more real and deeper connections with the people around you?

Or you find yourself repeatedly in unfulfilling relationships and for whatever reasons

you can’t find or hold on to healthy mature love?


That you put everyone else’s needs before yours?

Are you an inspiring example for others to show how they get to treat you? 


If your life is not the most beautiful representation and boldest statement of your glorious,

most talented and juicy alive self, we invite you to start your personal journey today. 


Because healing is no longer optional...

Humanity is suffering on an emotional level and when we suffer in our inner world, we automatically

bring suffering to the outer world and the people around us.


At the root of individual human suffering often lies one universal trauma; the early absence of love.

This trauma created a myriad of people with low self-worth constantly looking for and chasing after love, appreciation and approval on the outside. 


The early absence of love instilled one fundamentally false belief;

that there is something essentially wrong with us,

that we are somewhat not okay or good enough the way we are. 


The toxic shame that comes with it is what keeps us from living happy, joyful, uncompromising,

(purpose)fully, embodied and in celebration of life.

Too often we feel insecure and face low self-esteem and we lack the most important relationship one can have; the one with oneself.

We have to stop apologizing for who we are at our core and dare to shine our light in full glory.



The world is in desperate need of conscious, authentic, alive, empathic, vulnerable and deeply feeling

human beings with a strong set of values, spreading joy, love and compassion wherever they go. 


There is only one truly valuable currency and that is the currency of love and emotional happiness.

The Royal Path offers a proven approach to deep healing which ultimately results in emotional liberation.

Hurt people, hurt people.

Liberated people, help heal and liberate others.

"This was such a beautiful and much needed healing experience. I have been searching for something outside of myself for my entire life. Working with Aleah and Dan made me realize that I have it all inside of me. I can feel my core now so much more and anything I thought I was afraid of is just falling away. I hope that everyone can experience what I have experienced this week with Aleah. I feel so much freer and lighter than I ever have."


Alexis St. George, United Kingdom

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