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Love can be the most wonderful, heart-opening and nourishing wonder giving that touch of magic to our experience called life. Love, however can also be the most devastating and challenging obstacle breaking your heart into a thousand pieces. 

Almost nothing is as hard as intimately and successfully relating with other people. One of the reasons why it is so hard is that love is often mistaken merely for a dependency or even an addiction. What we have been taught about love to be true has often nothing to do with love.


Relationships are a catalyst for mutual growth and healing. Sooner or later, when intimately relating with someone else, we have no other way but to deal with what it brings up in ourselves. The so called "triggers" - when leveraged - shed immeasurable value and insight into where we have been wounded and the parts that need healing.

When such triggers are activated, it gets difficult to navigate through these upheavals so we might dismiss the other person, believing that they are not the right fit for us. And in many cases that might be true. You do not need to stay with someone that is clearly not doing you any good, let alone is abusive in any form.

However, too often we forget that these triggers and upheavals are our compass to understanding, healing and growth. We might miss the chance to learn the lessons, thinking that moving on will give us what we are actually looking for. There is no question that some people might be a better fit for us than others. However, if we move on because we don't want to do the work or are simply unable to see that there is a chance for healing, we will inevitably face the same challenges over and over again. This will keep happening until we are ready to look at which parts in ourselves contribute to what is not working in the first place.

Is it Love or is it Love Addiction?

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Coaching, Counselling & Mentorship



Experience the powerful transformational coaching. Aleah takes you into the deepest levels of your heart and soul to re-connect with You.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, 

in this coaching you'll achieve the most epic transformation and emotional liberation.

Individual, Couple and Group Coaching available.

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Workshops & Retreats



Experience one of our signature live workshops or retreats where we take you on a "deep-dive" transformational journey back into the deepest wisdom of your heart and soul.

Royal Path Retreats are a time-out from the mundane world and a deep dive into personal growth and healing for both couples and individuals who aspire to take their life and relationships to the next level.

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Exclusive Group Coaching Membership



This exclusive group coaching membership

is limited to only 8 committed people per group. It is for those who are ready to overcome love addiction and instead create

a self-empowered life but with a smaller and more personal approach.


We'll be leveraging the incredible value

of triggers and help each other heal by holding space for the feelings we experience behind the trigger. 

Exposure is key. There is great art in holding space and that is what we are exploring here together.

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Aleah Ava

BSc Communications 

University of Applied Sciences

Zurich, Switzerland

Aleah Ava is a Spiritual Psychologist and Tantra Therapist. She supports both couples and individuals in navigating through the much needed deeper inner healing work to achieve supreme clarity, emotional liberation from the past and full sovereignty and empowerment.


Through her own method - emotional recycling - she enables her clients to safely and consciously re-access repressed unintegrated feelings. Integration and healing happens through the safe and vulnerable exposure of those feelings, the necessary grief work and the overwriting with the heart-based frequency of love & pleasure.


After more than a decade of partaking in various healing and growth modalities and trainings (including more than 150 open-end deep feeling/Inner Child sessions) she is now able to take people to the depth of their own soul. 


Her unique gifts such as her clair-sentience as well as her fine-tuned intuition and clarity combined with the holding of a non-judgmental, safe and loving space allows her clients to naturally and efficiently dive in, work through and re-surface with insights that literally change their life on every level.


Being a recovering Love Addict herself, motivated her to create the Addicted to Love Podcast where she sheds light and immeasurable insight into one of the most controversial topics Love Addiction-and dependency. She supports her listeners in breaking denial, creating a high level of awareness and she shares with them the powerful and successful tools that helped her break free from dysfunctional, unhealthy and unfulfilling relationships.  


She is the co-founder of The Royal Path and together with her Business Partner, Dan Hart, and their team, they offer signature deep healing retreats, individual, group and couples coaching as well as online programs. Their first book will be released in early summer 2020.


BSc Communications 

University of Applied Sciences

Zurich, Switzerland

2006 - 2010

Meditation, Personal Development & Emotional Healing 

6 months at the Osho Ashram in Pune, India. The time included the participation, training and staffing inner child work, childhood and sexual de-conditioning, Tantra seminars with Homa & Mukto, Mystic Rose Process, The Path of Love Retreat as well as the 'Women on the Path of Love' retreat. 2011/2012

Tantra Training Level 1 - 3

5 weeks at Osheanic, Brazil with Homa & Mukto. Participation and Training in various aspects of Tantra. Level I - Understanding and healing old wounds, exploring sexuality, sensitivity and personal power as well as the ability to love unconditionally. Level II - Exploring male and female energies, sexual polarity, deep relaxation and intimacy, learning about sex as a door to meditation, awareness and presence. Level 3 - Energy reading training that builds confidence in our intuition (including synchronicity, body awareness & touch) and learning to communicate from the heart space. 


Level 1 to 7 and the Women's Retreat with The New Tantra

Participation in seminars focused on sexual deconditioning, Advanced Sex, Sexual Completion, Trans-mission Training, Ego-Workshop, Sacred Rituals and Dark Retreat).


Organisation and Co-Facilitation of various 7-day long Childhood de-conditioning/Inner Child retreats alongside Puja Lepp, licensed counsellor and psychologist.

Intense Primal Therapy at the official Arthur Janov Primal Therapy Center in Los Angeles, CA with more than 120 open end sessions, diving deeply into her own childhood trauma. Her work is highly inspired by her awakening experience doing this deep feeling therapy. For the first 6 months she lived in Los Angeles to do the therapy on-site and continued for another 2.5 years online with the same therapist, David Lassoff, who currently is the Master Therapist at the center.

Certified Tantra Therapist (Lin Holmqvist Art Of Love) education in Tantra Therapy, trauma healing, wheel of consent, coaching modalities, NLP, meditation, body work, breath-work, de-armouring, sacred dance, ceremonial theatre, transfiguration, tantra massage, yoni, anus & lingam massage and tantric temple ceremonies.)

If you would like to get to know me, please send me a note and we take it from there!

Have a great day,

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